PUXING Dual Band PX-888K UHF 400-480MHz and VHF 134-176MHz Professional FM Two-way Radio with Scrambler

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Black PUXING Dual Band PX-888K UHF 400-480MHz and VHF 134-176MHz Professional FM Two-way Radio with Scrambler


1. UHF 400-480MHZ+ VHF 136-174MHZ DUAL BAND

(The frequency can be lock or unlock to any frequency within the band)


3. 4 display model available(CH name + CH number/CH name + frequency

4. TX/RX frequency/Frequency mode)

5. ctcss/dcs can be programming

6. 128 memory channels

7. Built-in FM radio receiver

8. 8 scramblers

9. DTMF ANI seletive call, group call, broadcast call

10. DTMF encode/decode.

11. MSK encode/decode.

12. TX Stun or RX Stun function

13. voice prompt and annunciation

14. 1750hz tone

15. Side key programming

16. Output power 4-5W

17. Wide 25khz and narrow 12.5khz

18. VOX gain level 1-9

19. scan function with all channels scan and PRI scan

20. Scan mode: Time, Carrier, Seek

21. Emergency ANI call

22. Emergency channel call

23. Squelch level 0-9

24. Busy channel lockout

25. Time out time

26. Various frequency band available

27. CTCSS/DCS scan

28. Dual watch mode/channel mode/frequency mode


30.  TOT: OFF-270S

31. Battery save function

32. Work mode A/B: VFO, MR, CH name, CH Freq

33. VFO frequency: 5k, 6.25k, 10k, 12.5k, 25k

34. Back light: OFF/Auto/On

35. Back color: Blue, orange, purple

36. Auto keylock

37. Voice annunciation: English/ (Germany option)

38. Beep Tone

39. Main Watch band A or B

40. Priority channel setting (Anytime press PTT to transmit the channel)

41. Roger tone: 1-10 group

42. Waiting time setting

43. VOX delay time setting

44. Power on message

45. PTT ID type: DTMF, MSK, 5 tone

46. DTMF side tone, roger tone, MSK reverse

47. 5 Tone seletive call: ZVEI1, ZVEI2, CCIR1,CCITT

48. TX stun and Rx stun programmable

49. Key Assignment: OptionalSign call, Emergency alarm, 1750Hz

50. FM radio setting with four Band: 87.5-108Mhz, 76-91Mhz, 76-108Mhz, 65-76Mhz, with 50k and 100k step

Technical Specification:


  • Frequency: 134-176Mhz RX/TX
  •                      400-480Mhz RX/TX
  • Power: UHF 4W, VHF 5W
  • Weight: 223g include battery
  • Packing weight: 750g
  • Size: 115*57*30 (not include antenna)
  • Operate voltage: DC 7.4V


  • Frequency Stability 2.5PPM
  • Output Power 5W
  • Max Frequency Deviation 5KHz
  • Audio Distortion 3%
  • Modulation Character +3dB—-3dB  
  • Adjacent Channel Power ≥65dB
  • Spurious Radiation ≤7.5UW(-36db for CE)
  • Occupied Bandwidth ≤16KHz


  • RF Sensitivity <0.2UV(12DB SINAD)
  • Audio Distortion  3%
  • Audio Response +2dB—-10dB  
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥60dB
  • Intermodulation Rejection ≥60dB
  • Blocking  ≥80dB

Package Includes:

1* PX-888K dualband radio (136-174Mhz+400-480Mhz)

1* Battery Li-ion 1200mah

1* Charger base

1* UHF/VHF dualband antenna

1* Belt clip

1* English user manual
1* 110V US plug or 220V Europe plug or 240v  Aus/nz Adaptor plus 


Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 180 cm


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